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Built for New England

MLS PIN is one of the largest REALTOR®-owned multiple listing services in the nation. We offer a database of approximately 14,600 properties for sale and more than 4.1 million off-market listings and full public records for all of Massachusetts and Rhode Island and much of New Hampshire.

Our mission is simple: Give our customers a competitive edge via comprehensive data, user-friendly technology, and exceptional service. With a subscriber base of over 40,700 real estate professionals, we’re just getting started.

Built for Customers

MLS PIN’s in-house developed Pinergy application, designed with our customer’s needs in mind, offers some of the best technology available for listing, searching, and connecting with buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals.

Other significant services include sending real-time property matches to 250,000 consumers and providing complimentary syndication to third-party local and national publications and websites.

Built for You

But it’s not just about creating and curating the technology you need to run your business. At MLS PIN, we’re dedicated to creating an atmosphere of extraordinary service and engagement. Our customer care line is available seven days a week, including evenings, and our virtual training classes on an array of Pinergy-related topics are free. Visit our Training Library for our most up-to-date videos and prerecorded webinars.



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